Congratulations to Amolak Singh Dhillon – Wesbrook Scholarship & Martha C. Piper Arts Award for Global Citizenship

Amolak Singh Dhillon, a former WRDS 150 student (taught by Dr. Susan Blake), has been awarded both the Wesbrook Scholarship and the Martha C. Piper Arts Award for Global Citizenship! The Wesbrook Scholarship is awarded to a maximum of 20 outstanding undergraduate students at UBC who stand in the top 10% of their class and have demonstrated ability to serve, work with, and lead others. The Martha C. Piper Arts Award in Global Citizenship is awarded to an Arts student who has an outstanding academic record and has demonstrated commitment and active participation in global issues. Amolak will be speaking at UCLL 107 on Wednesday, March 21st at 9am and 10am about the importance of the writing and revision process. Well done, Amolak!

How useful was WRDS 150 for your future scholarly work? 

“Words 150 proved to be a very useful course as it taught me academic research and writing skills which I was able to apply to all of my future studies in both the humanities and sciences.  I have gone on to explore a wide variety of topics ranging from toxicity of personal care products on reproductive health to Jewish rebellions in concentration camps, relying heavily on the techniques I learned about academic writing in Words 150.  I chose Dr. Susan Blake’s section of 150 as it focussed on language research, which intrigued me as I am interested in the preservation of my own heritage language, Punjabi.”

What motivates you to keep visiting Dr. Blake’s classes to meeet with her current students?

“What motivates me to keep returning to Dr. Blake’s classes as a guest presenter is our common passion for teaching.  Dr. Blake’s critical guidance and encouragement of my research and academic writing while in her class motivated me to share my journey with her future students.  I gain immense satisfaction from sharing my research and writing skills with other students and hearing from them that my input was helpful in their learning.  As a current student myself, I am able to connect with Dr. Blake’s students on the same level as a colleague which I feel helps to encourage a collaborative approach to learning.”