FAQs for Non-Arts Students

  • Sections with letters (01A, 02B) are for Arts students
  • Sections numbered 600 and above are for students outside of Arts

  • Click here to complete the form, to be added to the internal wait list. You will be enrolled in WRDS 150, as space permits [or you may register for WRDS 150 another term].

  • WRDS 150 focuses on research and writing within specific academic disciplines
  • ENGL 112 is the study and practice of the principles of university-level discourse, with multidisciplinary readings and emphasis on processes of research-based writing.

For many programs, it is! Check with your program advisor.

Many departments accept WRDS 150 to fulfil its communication requirements. Contact your program advisor regarding your degree requirements

Please contact your program advisors to obtain credit requirements.

Please contact your program advisor regarding the timelines involving your credit requirements.

Please keep checking the SSC on a regular basis for availability of the sections.  There is typically movement between the sections right up until the Add/Drop date of the Term

If you are in first or second year, keep checking to see if a spot becomes available in the section of your choice. If so, register! Individual instructors do not control the registration for their sections, so they cannot add your name to their class list. There are no wait lists for WRDS 150, but there is a lot of movement in the first few weeks of term. The course is offered in both terms, as well as in the summer, and a full list of courses and their topic areas may be found.

In WRDS 150, you learn how a variety of academic disciplines deal with a specific area of current research interest (e.g., humour, human rights, social media, transgender studies, homelessness), You read and analyze a selection of current scholarly articles on the research focus of your section. You produce several brief writing assignments, most of which are “scaffolded,” which means that they serve as steps towards accomplishing a larger project or course goal. For example, you may be asked to produce a literature review as a step towards writing a research paper on that same question.

Since WRDS 150 is designed to prepare you for university level scholarship, it should be taken fairly early in your time at UBC, ideally in your first or second year. You are required to complete it before you reach 54 credits. Students who wait to take WRDS 150 often express the wish that they had taken it sooner.

Students may repeat WRDS 150 until they pass it.

Check the UBC Course Schedule for the research area of each section before registering. Fuller descriptions of research areas and instructor backgrounds are also available on the ASRW website. Remember that this course is primarily aimed at introducing the research culture all around us at UBC. Any of the specific topics offered in sections of WRDS 150 can serve equally well as a context of discovery for the research and writing activities that constitute this culture.
The research focus of each section of WRDS 150 will be broad enough to allow students ample room to define their own particular term projects. There are always a variety of disciplinary dimensions to each research focus.

Your best options are the reference librarians at Koerner Library, and elsewhere on campus. They are ready to serve as your guide through the existing literature on just about any topic you are investigating.

While tutors can be helpful, sometimes they will misdirect WRDS 150 students, and they may even impede students’ learning in this course. For this reason, the use of tutors in this course is discouraged. If you do use a tutor on any WRDS 150 assignment, you are required to hand in any rough drafts of your written work and the tutor’s comments and suggestions along with the work you submit for the assignment.If you need more support in English as an additional language, please consult the Academic English Support Program, which offers a free tutoring service and various online resources.

WRDS 150 is offered in the summer. Check the UBC Course Schedule and the student testimonials on this website.