I received my PhD in Communication Studies from Concordia University in 2017. My areas of research and publication are primarily media studies, technology and the philosophy of communication. Before my PhD, I received an MFA in the interdisciplinary Contemporary Arts program at Simon Fraser University and a BA in Philosophy from the University of British Columbia. While at SFU and Concordia I taught courses in film history, film theory, film and video production along with courses in Media Studies. As a scholar, I am actively engaged in writing articles for publications that explore diverse aspects of media theory and discourse analysis. Some of my articles can be found in parallax,Synoptique, and upcoming issues of Science Fiction Studies and Rethinking Marxism. Alongside my academic pursuits, I have written and directed several films and videos. In effect, they explore the limits of their mediums as spaces for theoretical engagement.


The main objective of the course WRDS 15O is to introduce you to various forms of academic research and writing. Accordingly, you will learn to write a summary, a research proposal, and a research paper, all of which will provide you with the kinds of writing skills you will use throughout your academic career.In this particular offering of the course our topic will be approaches in media studies and media criticism. Learning from different schools of thought, concepts and theories related to media and culture you will study the relationships between formal, aesthetic, representational and sensory elements of media texts and their surrounding discourses. Throughout the course, some of our guiding questions will be: how are media and cultural texts made?; how do we critique and analyse media and cultural texts?; and, how is an audience constituted?