Dr. Janet Fu received both doctorate and MA from the University of Toronto. Her doctoral research investigated how culture and gender are influenced on bilingual/plurilingual students’ first language (Japanese/Chinese) and their second language (English) writing in Canadian universities. Her researches focus on academic writing, bilingual/plurilingual speakers’ language production, culture, gender, identities, and other societal factors, as well as intercultural communication. She has been teaching academic writing and many other courses at multiple universities in Canada.

(Non- Arts Sections) Research and Communication 

How to conduct research in engineering, science, and business  settings? How to write a research paper? What are the essential components in  communication that students need to acquire? This section of ASRW 150 will answer those questions. This course is designed for students who are not in Arts field. By reading and examining scholars’ works,  and intensive writing practice, students will be able to identify the goals, research methods, citation practices, different genres, and discursive practices; and will be also able to develop their own research proposal, and research paper. Through engaging various activities, students will  leverage their communication skills and research and writing capabilities.

(Arts Sections) Gender, Culture and Communication

This section of ASRW 150  is designed for students who are in humanities and social sciences. The course will explore how language, gender, culture, and communication shape in the society including media, internet and many other resources. Drawing upon sociolinguistic theories and feminist theory, students will be encouraged to conduct their own research. Through reading and writing exercise,  students will be able to understand the major issues of  language, gender, and culture in both theory and practice;  enhance critical thinking from sociolinguistic and feminist approaches; and be able to see society and life from multiple angles.