My area of focus for my PhD is a sub-genre of sci-fi and fantasy literature called the “New Weird.”  More specifically, I’m looking at climate change in new weird fiction with a focus on China Mieville and on Stephen King’s Dark Tower series.
I’ve taught English Composition and Rhetoric courses in Vietnam, in the Okanagan, and in Vancouver.

My research interests include stream of consciousness narratives, modern and contemporary British literature, Weird/New-Weird fiction, and exploration of liminal space in fiction.

WRDS 150 Research Area: Critical Thinking in the Digital Era​

Critical Thinking in the Digital Era

This section of WRDS150 is focused on Critical Thinking in the Digital Era. These modules cover issues including social networking behavior and privacy, climate change denial and hyper-critical thinking, and ‘slacktivism’ and bandwagon political engagement in the 21st century.  We will read articles from scholarly and non-scholarly sources from social science, political science, and humanities backgrounds as well as watching interviews, Ted Talks, and discussion panels.  In doing so, we will endeavor to answer such questions as: does the internet still offer users a place to share and consume information honestly?  Do the harms caused by social media use outweigh its many advantages in contemporary society?  How have internet communication platforms changed political engagement and awareness?  What biases or fallacies are perpetuated by an online world?