Scholarly Identity

Becoming a scholar? Developing academic identity through a required 1st-year writing course

In Fall 2017, Dr. Power will be conducting a small study with Bachelor of International Economics (BIE) students in her WRDS 150 sections, to learn more about

  • how first-year students view the role of “scholar”;
  • the extent to which first-year students experience themselves adopting a “scholarly identity” during their first semester of study at UBC; and
  • what experiences help and/or hinder first-year students in adopting a “scholarly identity.”

Participating students will (i) complete 12 short weekly logs throughout the semester, describing events and/or experiences that contributed to their sense of membership in and/or alienation from the scholarly community, AND (ii) write a final reflection at the end of semester, describing whether (and, if so, how) their sense of scholarly identity changed during the term.

Participation is completely voluntary and confidential. Dr. Power will be assisted by BIE Research Intern, Michael Schroeder, who will de-identify all student submissions before providing them to Dr. Power.

Please contact Dr. Power, if you have any questions about this study.