Universities were first founded in the 11th century as communities of scholars, whose thirst for knowledge pushed them towards reading, critically exploring, and writing about important ideas.

Today, scholarly reading, research and writing remain the core elements of academic work – and UBC is one of the world’s leading research universities.

ASRW faculty members are active researchers, who draw on their own experiences with academic research, conferences, and publishing to help students become familiar with the research culture at UBC, and begin developing their own identities as researchers.

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We also support undergraduate students’ participation in research, by providing opportunities to

  • get to know the research culture of the social sciences and humanities
  • engage with and critique existing scholarly work
  • develop new research questions
  • conduct an original inquiry
  • create meaningful new knowledge
  • use academic discourse to write about your results
  • present your findings to a scholarly audience
  • publish your work

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