Faculty Research

ASRW faculty members have diverse research specializations which are typically reflected in the research areas chosen for our WRDS 150 courses.

In teaching ASRW courses, we routinely draw on our experiences of professional scholarly work – such as researching, writing, peer-reviewing, editing, and publishing – to bring you a “real life” picture of the context and culture of the academic environment.

We keep those experiences alive and current by ongoing participation in professional associations, national and international academic conferences, and editorial responsibilities with academic journals.

Some of our collaborative research also addresses issues such as student perceptions of research and student learning outcomes, which we use to inform our curriculum design, teaching practices, and professional development.

Please consult individual faculty pages (https://asrw.arts.ubc.ca/people/current-faculty/), if you would like to know more about ASRW faculty members’ research specialities and interests.