Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference (MURC)

Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference

UBC’s annual Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference (MURC) is a fabulous opportunity to see and get involved in what’s happening in the world of undergraduate research at UBC.

MURC usually takes place in March, with the deadline for research proposal submissions in early-January.

Students from all Faculties and Schools can participate in MURC by:

  • presenting their own research,
  • networking with other students and researchers as a MURC volunteer, and
  • attending to listen to and ask questions about research presentations.

ASRW has supported undergraduate student participation in MURC by:

  • offering workshops on writing a proposal for MURC
  • providing feedback on all MURC proposals
  • offering a workshop for MURC graduate student adjudicators
  • reviewing student submissions to MURC
  • providing editorial assistance for the conference proceedings publication

In 2017, five WRDS 150 students presented their research at MURC:

  • Daniel Chawla: “Discrimination in Canada’s labour markets: Evidence from elite professional service firms in Toronto.”
  • Ragini Jain & Natasha Sumetpong: “Income inequality and economic growth in Southeast Asia: Is the Kuznets curve uncorroborated?”
  • Audrey Li: “The Future of Communication: A Look At Authorial Tags on Internet Archive Sites”
  • Andrew Min: “The economics of suicide: A correlative analysis of different economic methods to elderly suicide rates in East Asia”

In 2016, Sibyl Song presented her WRDS 150 research project at MURC: Scientists find God: Religiosity and spirituality in scientists’ conceptions

Talk with your ASRW instructor, if you would like to present at MURC in 2018!