With Judith Scholes

In this section of WRDS 150, we will encounter and investigate forms of Resistance—including digital activism, civil disobedience, mass protest, or everyday resistance—particularly in struggles for social justice. Our readings (from Resistance Studies, Urban Studies, American Studies, Education, Cultural Studies, and Archival Science) will touch on social pressures and political upheavals from the last several decades, while addressing forms of resistance arising from current social justice concerns and movements, such as climate change and pipeline protests, Occupy Wall Street, Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women, Black Lives Matter, LGBT rights, and the 2017 Woman’s March. In our reading, we will ask, how do scholars from different disciplines approach the study of resistance? Alongside these scholars, we will also ask, who are the subjects of resistance? How does resistance fight power, injustice, and oppression; or how might it entrench those forces of oppression? What ways of being and knowing are at play within, or challenged by, resistance? How might resistance inform scholarly practice?