TA Training Workshops

In consultation with faculty members across UBC, ASRW has trained teaching assistants (TAs) in various courses that include writing-intensive elements.

Since 2016, ASRW has also helped train Peer Writing Consultants in UBC’s Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication. 

Previous TA and Peer Consultant training workshops have covered issues such as:

  • discourse analysis – what is it? why do it? how to approach it?
  • reading academic articles – quickly locating an author’s central argument; thinking critically about what you read; documenting your sources efficiently and effectively; making connections between scholarly sources
  • writing specific academic genres (e.g., annotated bibliographies, conference proposals, research papers) and sub-genres (e.g., introductions, literature reviews, discussion sections, conclusions)
  • effective peer review – helping students to help each other revise their work
  • becoming a credible writer – recognizing and adhering to scholarly conventions around knowledge-making and reporting

UBC faculty who would like help incorporating “writing in the disciplines” and/or genre pedagogical elements in their courses are invited to contact the ASRW Chair.