WRDS 350 Student Testimonials

Kristy Lesperance

Kristy L.

“I would always recommend, to any student, to take [WRDS 350]. If it were possible, I would take it again myself because the method and materials were so engaging and versatile that I ended up with way more ideas than I could carry out in one term. I feel like I have gained much more than simply better writing skills from the experience of this class – so I highly recommend it!”

Alba Z.

“I took [WRDS 350] in my final year and it was one of my favourite classes from my degree! Learning to read, write, and present in the proper contexts greatly improved my academic performance and has been a huge help in being able to work with people from different disciplines.”

Kevin A.Kevin Ahn

“I am glad that I enrolled because I had the best learning experience from this course. It is a fun, interactive, and comprehensive course that allows you to explore the nature of academic writing. After taking this course, I gained a better understanding of communication styles and discursive characteristics of different disciplines. I highly recommend it to other students regardless of their disciplines.”


“[WRDS 350] is a course that prepares you for academic essay writing, as well as the analysis of different forms of academic writing. The course helps you to familiarize with the writing techniques and features found within different academic disciplines. Class discussions enhance the learning and networking experience for many.”

Clayton, C

“This was a great semester. I learned a lot from this course, and the grades I have received recently on my other papers have reflected this.”