WRDS 150 Student Testimonials

Tony O.

“Taking WRDS 150 significantly changed my perspective on academic research. I was exposed to scholarly articles that explored various issues in international development, hence getting a head-start on the questions I would face as an international economics student. The transferable skills that I gained in research, writing and oral presentation, made WRDS one of the best courses I have taken during my time here at UBC”

Hannah L.

“As I enter my final year at UBC, I can confidently say that [WRDS 150] provides the essential tools required to succeed in academic writing and beyond. My advice is to research and write with passion, and you will learn and grow in more ways than you may ever imagine.”

Yao W.

“In this course, I enhanced my English writing skill. Specifically, I learned the structure of a good summary, the structure of a formal abstract, and the structure of an academic researching paper. In this case, it not only helps my studying in the university but also my internship in the marketing team. Moreover, it helps me to have a clearer mind of how to present my ideas in a persuasive and academic way. […] I hope more students can have this experience.”

Marianne K. 

“WRDS 150 was an eye-opening experience for me as it exposed me to the world of scholarly writing. Before university, I had no experience with academic writing and how to alter my writing to correspond with different research disciplines. By learning how to coordinate writing styles with the traditions of various scholarly communities, I also familiarized myself with the expectations of being a scholar and an academic.”

Teece C.

“WRDS 150 gave me greater ability to read journal articles more efficiently and critically, as well as providing me the tools to summarize the most salient points of journal articles. My confidence to read articles from multiple sources increased and I feel like I have a greater skill set to draw upon in the future.”

Amolak D.

“Words 150 proved to be a very useful course as it taught me academic research and writing skills which I was able to apply to all of my future studies in both the humanities and sciences.  I have gone on to explore a wide variety of topics ranging from toxicity of personal care products on reproductive health to Jewish rebellions in concentration camps, relying heavily on the techniques I learned about academic writing in Words 150.”
-Winner of the Wesbrook Scholarship and Martha C. Piper Arts Award for Global Citizenship