In consultation with the Vancouver School of Economics, ASRW has designed a special version of WRDS 150 for students registered in the Bachelor of International Economics (BIE) degree program.

As in other WRDS 150 sections, WRDS 150-BIE will help you get familiar with both the research culture of the university and the important concept of “disciplinarity,” via a specific research area that will relate in some way to the Bachelor of International Economics degree.


You will have the chance to learn how scholars working in a variety of social scientific and humanities disciplines research and write about a single topic in areas such as economics, development studies, geography, education, sociology, health policy, women’s studies, marketing, media and cultural studies, environmental science and sociology.

Depending on your assigned course section, you will be exploring either the United Nations’ new set of global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or Consumerism and Consumption.

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