WRDS 150

WRDS 150 is designed to introduce you to many aspects of research and research writing in the university, including:

  • how academics do research;
  • how they write about their research; and
  • how you can recognize, analyze and employ specific features of discourse (i.e., contextualized language use), in academic writing

WRDS 150 is a “foundational” research and writing course at UBC where you receive an apprenticeship into academic research and writing, learning fundamental concepts and practices from active and experienced scholars.  WRDS 150 courses are taught for students in the Faculty of Arts (denoted as WRDS 150 A) and for students outside the Faculty of Arts (denoted as WRDS 150 B). Please click here to see a more detailed curricular statement for WRDS 150 and a list of learning outcomes for the class.  If you would like to see sample syllabi from recent WRDS 150 A classes, you can find them here.  Recent syllabi from WRDS 150 B classes can be found here.


We have developed unit-specific versions of WRDS 150 in consultation with other units on campus.  Click here to see where we have done this in collaboration with the Bachelor of International Economics program and here for the School of Music.