In consultation with the Vancouver School of Economics, we have designed a special version of WRDS 150 for students registered in the Bachelor of International Economics (BIE) degree program.

WRDS 150 will introduce you to the knowledge-making practices of scholars within the field of economics and within other disciplines across the university. As members of the BIE program, you will begin to participate in scholarly conversations within this community by performing the actions of academic researchers, scholarly communicators, and peer-reviewers. You will also produce work in several scholarly genres and familiarize yourself with the conventions of communication within the discipline of economics. In doing so, you will begin to develop your own scholarly identity as a member of the Bachelor of International Economics program.

The topics explored in the class relate to economics, development studies, geography, education, sociology, health policy, women’s studies, marketing, media and cultural studies, environmental science and sociology.

If you would like to see sample syllabi from recent WRDS 150 BIE classes, you can find them here.