WRDS 350: Knowledge-making

WRDS 350 Interdisciplinary Studies in Arts: Knowledge-making in the Disciplines is ASRW’s “flagship” research and writing course, and an ideal upper-level course for those interested in satisfying the Arts Research and Writing Requirement and for Arts students considering graduate school. Here, you will build on your existing knowledge of academic research and writing practices by studying specific features of scholarly writing relevant to your own interests and discipline.

In other words, you will have the chance to get to know your own academic discipline in a new way, by

  • analyzing typical scholarly genres (such as conference proposals, grant applications, journal articles, and peer review reports), in order to understand both their role in the academic production of knowledge, and the language features and rhetorical patterns that fulfil that role
  • engaging with pioneering theories about genre, discourse and disciplinarity, drawn from rhetorical genre theory, activity system theory, and various approaches to discourse analysis and applied linguistics
  • applying computer-assisted techniques to the analysis of scholarly communication
  • designing and conducting original research related to your own academic discipline and discursive interests
  • encountering the complexities of communication across disciplines and in interdisciplinary work.

WRDS 350 classes involve active seminar or “tutorial-style” learningso you will be able to get to know your instructor and fellow-students, while developing your critical thinking, discussion and presentation skills. WRDS 350 can be used both to satisfy your Faculty of Arts’ Writing requirement and as an advanced writing elective for students who have successfully completed WRDS 150 and who wish to explore scholarly communication with their chosen major.

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